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IHUMANE is a customizable and comprehensive software that brings organization and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities.

Our Approach Speaks Volumes

Fundamentally, the philosophy that guides our team ensures that our product remains


We view HR solutions first as an ideology and an approach, not as software. So, our interface eliminates technical requirements and introduces a gratifying experience to your HR activities.


Employees are vital assets to your organization. Our reporting features demonstrate the significance of streamlined HR processes to the wellbeing of your employees and the organization as a whole.


From processes that handle your data securely to transparent and competitive pricing packages, we adhere to industry best practices to support and reduce your company's operational costs.


We will help you retain and manage your employees

You can focus on operations that really impact your company and leave the routine stuff to iHumane

Payroll Administration

Configure & perform the tasks necessary to organize employee compensation efficiently.

Employee Management

Perform the procedures that help measure, monitor, & interact with the workforce productively.

Biometrics Time Management

Transform antiquated means of measuring employee time & attendance with innovative & reliable solutions.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Explore tools that decrease HR department workload through automation & eliminating paperwork.

Real-Time Query & Chat System

Engage employees more efficiently by sidestepping disincentives that arise during communication.

Performance Management

Continuously improve performance by planning, assessing & developing employee skills.


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